Roll-Off Style, 7200 Gallons

24' x 8' x 9'

Self containment - box within a box

Hopper style 30" x 24", self sealing

Automatic hydraulic drive

Drum Size:
55 Gallon

2" diaphram

Man way:
Standard 20"


Agitation System:
Dual 72" hydraulic driven rotors at 65 rpm

9" x 21' at 120 rpm

Power source:
Agitator/Augor: 80 hp from truck PTO, Dumper: 110v supplied by customer

Monitoring System:
Solar Powered cellular notification at 5200 gallons. Secondary containment at 1 gallon.


Sumter Transport has developed the KilnDirect container systems that have the capabilities of bulking hazardous waste of various compositions that would normally be collected and shipped in drums from the generators site. The KilnDirect uses the RipTide agitation system and an auger system to maintain a uniform mixture within the container so that it can be extracted with a Roberoller agitated vacuum tanker. The purpose of the KilnDirect container is to safely accumulate liquid, sludge and solid waste in one container to gain the economic advantages of bulk liquid shipments as opposed to drum shipments.

The KilnDirect has the capabilities of bulking from non-bulk waste containers (i.e. 55-gallon steel drums) through the use of an attached drum dumper. Plant personnel operate this dumper as the drums are generated. The dumper requires only a 120-volt, explosion proof power source.

Once the KilnDirect container is full, Sumter Transport will dispatch a vacuum, Roberoller tank trailer to collect the waste. Sumter Transport feels that transferring the waste from a non-bulk container to their truck will facilitate a safer mode of transportation due to the fact that their transport tanker is a DOT approved, stainless steel vessel. Once collected, the Roberoller agitation system suspends the solidified materials within solution during transport to permitted facilities that are licensed to burn hazardous waste for energy recovery.

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