For over half a century STC has delivered cost savings to its customers by providing innovative solutions for their waste handling needs. Our patented processes are efficient, economical alternatives to the conventional methods of tank cleaning. We are located in Sumter, SC and have been providing these variations of service since 1951. For over 60 years, we have been the leader in innovative, non-traditional approaches to waste management and transportation. Our emphasis has been on mechanical methodologies that reduce the need for human effort and exposure while increasing the speed of removal.


We further separate ourselves from the competition by managing all aspects of each project. These services include various methods of waste removal, patented transportation, and thermal disposal. We have developed numerous first-to-industry techniques and methodologies to serve our customers better. We were the first company to acquire DOT approval for over-the-road agitation, and the first to develop RCRA approved cement kiln disposal techniques. With our network of disposal facility partnerships, we have become the largest supplier of refinery waste to cement kilns throughout the United States.


Health and Safety is our #1 priority companywide. Our commitment to health and safety programs benefit everyone – our employees, our customers, the community, and the environment in which we share. Safety, quality, dependability, and solutions to your problems have been the keys to our continued years of success. This culture of safety combined with our relentless pursuit of efficiency has established us as industry leader. Our aggressive price-per-pound structure and continually optimized equipment lets us complete your project faster and on budget.