Your tanks are the backbone of your refinery process, and taking those tanks offline to have them cleaned or decommissioned eats away at your bottom line. Our customized solutions move more material per truck-load than the industry average, and are applicable to a variety of containment vessels.

  • Catfine/Slurry Tanks
  • Slop Oil Tanks
  • Storm/Wastewater Tanks
  • API Separators
  • Sumps/Pits/Ponds/Other Impoundments


Spent catalyst is difficult material to manage correctly. We offer a high capacity domestic disposal option in partnership with Reynolds Metals that disposes of your spent catalyst with complete Benzene Compliance.


Even if you’ve already got a management system for handling your material, we also provide competitive transportation and disposal options. Our patented equipment and specialized offloading systems provide up to 300 loads per week of dedicated, contracted capacity at our disposal outlets. We offer complete thermal destruction of your material with Benzene Compliance.