Are You a Fan or Booster?

A few months ago I talked about self discipline, preparation and planning. I wanted to continue this theme but from a slightly different angle. I wish I could say that I wrote this in its entirety but I have to admit, and give credit to a guy named Greg Laurie. Most of what is contained below comes from him. Greg is the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California. Look him up.
I go to as many ballgames as I can. Mostly baseball but I love football as well and have occasionally been seen at a basketball game. I am not sure if you caught the drift or not, but basketball is my least favorite sport. Oh, by the way, I watch golf and swimming and several other sports too.

What I have found in common with all of these is that there are people there that are pulling or rooting, as they say, for both sides. We commonly refer to these people as “fans”. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, from young to old, some with crazy colored outfits and some with none, some really, really loud and some as quiet as a church mouse, and believe it or not some out of obligation to a player or spouse or their alumnus.

On the surface they mostly look the same. But on the inside, there are major differences. You see fans for the most part have no specific obligation to the team or the individual (as in swimming or golf). They pull for them during the game and maybe talk about them during the week or off-season, but that is it. Unless however their team is not doing well and then they become the “naysayers” that talk negatively about their team. However, hiding within the fans you will find boosters.

Boosters, on the other hand, are persons that help increase or promote something, in particular, such as their team. There is a big difference between a fan and a booster!

  • A fan watches their team play.
  • A fan wants their team to win.
  • A fan may even wear the team colors.
Fans are great, but they are passively invested in the success of the team.

Boosters, on the other hand, are entirely different! Boosters actively invest in the team to make sure the team has what it needs to play the game and win. From uniforms to equipment to playing fields, they do what it takes to make victory possible.

  • A booster takes responsibility.
  • A booster invests their own energy, emotions, and finances.
  • In some cases, without the boosters there would be no team.
The same is true of you as it relates to your family, your employer, your church, your hobby, your life. Are you a fan or a booster? Are you just a great cheerleader when times are good but the naysayer when times are bad? Or are you a booster that is invested in the team? Do you have the self discipline to stay in there when times are tough and help pull your team through?

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